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     Marcus has been inline skating for around five years.  As a native of Canada, he spent much of his younger years on ice skates, so rollerblades weren't a huge leap.  He cut his "roller teeth" playing hockey, but only recently converted to the "THOROBLADERS  way."  
    A former division one track athlete, Marcus brings strength, speed and a contagious competitiveness to the group.     

"When I was in school it was easy to stay in shape.  I was running every day and  my youthful metabolism allowed me to eat whatever junk I wanted.  But a couple of years after university I fell into the trap that many people experience.  Nine to five work can be a leisurely affair, and I found myself gaining weight.  Before long, I was pushing 200 pounds, almost 30 pounds more than my ideal competitive weight.  After a couple  more years of occasional dieting and inconsistent exercise, I discovered inline skating.  My life hasn't been the same since.  I am almost 30 years old, and I weigh the same as I did in college.  But I feel much better.  I've learned that it's not how much you do, but what you do that counts.  Running beats my body up.  Every year I would have problems with my hamstrings and other assorted muscles.  But inline skating is low-impact exercise.  My body has never felt leaner, stronger or looser than it does right now.  When you've seen the light, you can't help but want to share the magic elixir with everyone!"


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