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  At its peak, the THOROBLADER experience is metaphysical.  Four individuals synchronized in perfect harmony with each other - and with nature.   Inline skating creates a balance between art and poetry.

             DARRYL                                            LILY      

              MARCUS                                  AIDA                             

   Welcome to the Thorobladers homepage. You are invited to share the Thorobladers inline skating experience with us.
   Over the past year, we've decided to pool our skating efforts into a dynamic group of competitive bladers.    Every workout is geared towards elevating the bar - constantly seeking a higher level of improvement.   But honing our skills never gets in the way of our main goal - having fun.  

The Thorobladers don't just glide through the motions.  Skating is a passion.  And like all passions, a Thoroblader is on a quest for perfection.  Each individual member feeds off of the other - helping each other get mentally and physically stronger.


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