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Over the past seven years, I have been honing and refining my inline skating technique. I love the intensity of  full-contact distance skating. Taking long rhythmic strides on the open road for 2-3 hours at a time. Or the freedom you experience figure  skating in a wide open space - surrounded by the awesome splendor of nature.
Nature is the most vivid, the most alive to me when I'm skating. The energy I feel connecting myself to this natural, physical world gives me a deep sense of sprituality; A metaphysical imbibition that transends my physical existence.

Inline skating challenges me. When I have physically prostrated my body, I find the will, the desire to not give up. Knowing that to capitulate to the body's demand to quit will arrest your spirit, you break through that barrier and discover something new about yourself. Your body instantly becomes a function of desire. There is nothing your body can tell you that your mind cannot overcome.

People tell me I'm obsessive about skating. To this I must concur. However, I'm quick to assert that anyone who subdues their passion in life(regarding anything) is obsessive. This is truly the path for seeking happiness and self-fullfillment.
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